AI Powered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspections for Public Safety.

Real-time intelligence that makes the difference in an emergency.

When mishaps occur, first responders like police officers, EMT’s and firefighters more often than not donʼt have authentic information from ground zero. UAVs are extremely effective for relaying visual information, especially over long distances and in unsafe environments to assess the situation and provide reports from ground zero that enable first responders to coordinate efforts and manage the incident. CamCom offers AI powered UAV inspections providing a seamless, real-time, and efficient remote solution. Our video inspections enable data visualization to empower decision making for faster, smarter emergency response in the most dangerous of situations.

Our inspections provide:

  • Solutions that enable visual situation reports from ground zero in real time ensuring proper response
  • IoT sensors that provide data on mishap origin to ensure that the first responders are carrying the necessary equipment to deal with the hazards and not put themselves at unnecessary risk
  • Unique digital signature analytics to visualize data and make it faster to respond to issues and easier to provide communication
  • Better quality, more efficiency by ensuring visual audit trail which are remotely configurable providing centralized management

Use Case – The ‘new way’ for first responder response.

The old way is based on scramble first, react and respond subsequently on site. Our ʻnew wayʼ ensures everyone in the team is aware of the situation at ground zero and responds appropriately

  • Solutions, deployed on geo-fenced UAVs with integrated hardware consisting of camera, thermal scanners, sensors, strobes etc.
  • Captures high-resolution video from various angles as it is moved along the incident scene to ensure wide coverage
  • Uses advanced deep learning algorithms to detect and alert on dangers instantly so that teams carry necessary equipment to manage the danger
  • Simple-to-use dashboard flags incident situation in real-time providing common access to crucial data
  • Rugged, waterproof device, operable under any condition and during darkness
  • Secure, reliable and on-demand data access from anywhere in the field

Using technology in critical and/or dangerous situations can help the people who are putting themselves in those situations make clear-headed, data-guided decisions in the heat of the moment. The CamCom solution will detect danger that the human eye cannot notice, consistently and is constantly learning and improving. A comprehensive visual audit trail can be created for every incident and used for assigning responsibility and liability. The data becomes the single source of truth for all players from first responders, defendants and plaintiffs, insurance companies, justice system, government, and other interested stake holders. The governments have the ability to convert a cost centre into a revenue centre by providing the single source of truth and bring down the time associated with reporting, settlement and litigation significantly.