AI Powered damage inspections for Airlines.
Is the airlines industry ready to adapt to change?

The Airlines industry is gearing up for a transformation due to severe workforce challenges and the need of the hour is to embrace technology that deliver insights to reduce downtime and maintenance. CamCom offers AI powered damage inspections that delivers superfast, precise, and auditable results.

Our inspections provide:

  • Detection of damage on aircraft body including highly reflective surfaces through Computer Vision (CV) and Deflectometry technologies
  • Unique digital signature analytics to visualize data and make it faster to respond to issues and easier to identify enhancements
  • Better quality, more efficiency by ensuring real-time pass/fail control to optimize the process
  • Processing, analytics, and control functions which are remotely configurable, providing centralized management

Use Case – The ‘new way’ for pre-flight inspections.

The old way is labour intensive and therefore subjective, inconsistent, slow, and prone to error. Our ʻnew wayʼ is to provide contactless, objective, AI powered inspections.

  • Solutions, deployed on handheld devices, with integrated hardware consisting of camera, projector, scanner, PDA and light
  • Captures high-resolution images from various angles as it is moved along the airline underbody to ensure wide coverage
  • Uses advanced deep learning algorithms to detect and alert on anomalies instantly
  • Simple-to-use dashboard flags damage in real-time
  • Rugged, Waterproof device, operable under any weather condition and during darkness

In modern aircrafts made from composite materials, damage can be hard to spot, yet from incident history even minor infractions can have a severe effect on the integrity of the structure when it is pressurised. The CamCom solution will detect damage that the human eye cannot notice, consistently and is constantly learning and improving. A comprehensive visual audit trail can be created for every aircraft and used for everything from MRO planning to post mortem should there be a mishap.