Is a labour-intensive process capable of ensuring scale and precise inspections?

Deep Tech, Big Data and AI are not just a top priority, but the way of the future. Sectors that are labour intensive require this edge to transform digitally. It’s time to evolve and adapt to our AI powered inspections that reduces labour dependency in managing the traffic of products in/out of the warehouse. There is no change to the existing workflow as our bespoke Rigs can be retrofitted over fully automated and integrated conveyor systems.

Our solutions are also delivered using handheld devices that help in speeding up digitization whilst at the same time having deep actionable real-time data insights that can help improve the whole process. Resulting in superfast, precise, and auditable qualitative and quantitative QC inspections for inwards, fulfilment and returns with big cost savings.

Our QC process with data analytics gained from millions of visual inspections provide requisite information that leads to actionable insights for optimization of merchandizing, planning, execution, and sourcing.


Quantitative and Qualitative checks.

Packaged product inspections in eCommerce fulfilment centres (FCs) using multi-way match of GRN/IRN, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Catalogue Management System (CMS) are critical to ensuring product quality and right shipment. Wrong shipments can adversely affect customer satisfaction and result in product recalls and associated expensive reverse logistics.

Our AI powered inspection solution offers a specialised bespoke Rig with controlled lighting, high-end industrial grade machine-vision cameras, state-of-the-art GPUs and other necessary IOT devices to process shrink wrapped products. The same solution is delivered over handheld devices for large white goods, home electronics, furniture etc. Our solution does accurate product to catalogue matching to ensure that there is no error during dispatch. The standard identifying signals are similar results or positive matches for mandatory product attributes like EAN, GTIN, classification, Brand style/article, title, price, size, colour etc. There is also a check for variation in attributes. These helps add more knowledge about the product, and the solution will be better able to identify an exact product match or mismatch in the next comparison. For the best product match result, our solution provides 100% positive results.

Our precise inspections using quantitative/qualitative checks ensures that the products are binned correctly and enable shipment of the right products. The solution inspects products and rejects those with non-conforming presentations before they move further in the value chain. The solution guarantees zero False Positive and 100% True Negative detection enabling efficiencies of 90% and above.


Inspection using bespoke Rigs with machine-vision cameras and controlled lighting or handheld devices

100% quantitative/qualitative inspections using multi-way match

Product is accepted/rejected


The perfect order – what you order is what you get!

Our AI inspection solution can be integrated with the best of breed WMS solutions to provide a visual track and trace audit for seamless flow of data and products. Repetitive tasks are performed quickly and consistently and frees up the workers to focus on more important tasks.

Our AI system analyses data to provide actionable intelligence and provides the ability to act on these insights in real time. The combination of machine-vision, and deep learning technology can help ensure primary and secondary packaging is sealed properly, tamper-proof, correctly assembled, and defect-free to avoid rework and product recalls.

Our defect detection solution is self-learning and can find a wide range of unacceptable product defects throughout the AQC process. To spot all defects, the inspection leverages special lighting and proper product presentation to ensure that only products without defects move on to the next process.


Inspection using bespoke Rigs with machine-vision cameras and controlled lighting or handheld devices

Accurate product to catalogue matching with 100% positive results

Best product match result


Defect checks – Qualitative to minimize wastage.

For return to origin (RTO) management/reverse logistics, our AI powered inspections ensure that defective/refused products can be dealt with promptly for repackaging or disposal and help to quickly identify re-usable products so that it can be re-routed for binning.

Our quality inspections provide a complete visual track and trace trail of the products and makes it easy to monitor the levels and types of high returns volumes. In this process, the refused cargo is routed as inventory stock again, after proper quality inspection checks to minimize wastage.


Inspection using bespoke Rigs with machine-vision cameras and controlled lighting or handheld devices

Accurate defect checks to re-route for binning

Minimize wastage