Apoorva KarnData and I are inseparable!

ASHIL ANTONY JOSEdata alchemist

BENDANG NUKSUNGi am not ben, i am a legend

DEBARSHI BANERJEEblack coffee, rock ‘n roll, football and a spot of technology

GeethaTech Virtuoso

JATIN GUPTAcompiler does exist

NANTHA KUMARinfra and i – siblings!

NAYANTARA CHAUHANcoffee and code to infinity and beyond

P BALA KRISHNAnever say no!

PRATIK SAMUELembrace the randomness

RANJAN KULKARNIBringing in the new culture with (Dev)elopment + (Op)eration(s)

REDDIGARI HARIKAfocused and fabulous

RUCHIT DODIAit feels good to be lost in the data science world

SACHIN RAJANdeep learning – i exist in the abyss!

SAIRAM KANCHARLAAvoid the Gates of Hell. Use Linux..

SANDESH HEGDEcomputers – speak, hear, learn no evil!

SHAGUFTA MEHMOODproduct samurai, runs on chai!

SHIKHA VERMAi am in relationship with deep learning

VENKATESH CHILUKURIalways deliver more than expected