Apoorva KarnData and I are inseparable!

ASHIL ANTONY JOSEdata alchemist

BENDANG NUKSUNGi am not ben, i am a legend

DEBARSHI BANERJEEblack coffee, rock ‘n roll, football and a spot of technology

JATIN GUPTAcompiler does exist

NANTHA KUMARinfra and i – siblings!

NAYANTARA CHAUHANcoffee and code to infinity and beyond

P BALA KRISHNAnever say no!

PRATIK SAMUELembrace the randomness

RAGHUVEER SINGHcricketer and bean counter!

REDDIGARI HARIKAfocused and fabulous

RUCHIT DODIAit feels good to be lost in the data science world

SACHIN RAJANdeep learning – i exist in the abyss!

SANDESH HEGDEcomputers – speak, hear, learn no evil!

SHAGUFTA MEHMOODproduct samurai, runs on chai!

SHIKHA VERMAi am in relationship with deep learning

VENKATESH CHILUKURIalways deliver more than expected

VIJAY JAINstartup or child-up? pondering!